Industry Immersion Program (IIP)

Industry Immersion Program was launched in 2017, in partnership with the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), Berlin, and with funding support from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation (BMZ) through the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

The program transfers competences from one of Europe’s leading business schools and develops business links between African graduates and German businesses operating in Africa through internship and post-graduate employment.

Towards the end of 2020, the organization partnered with Academics Without Borders (AWB) in Canada, whose mission is to help developing countries improve their universities so that they can train their own experts (train the trainer) and conduct research to assist in their countries' development. So far, AWB has proven to be a very reliable partner in her scaling prospects. Through their efforts, we partnered with Strathmore University to run the IIP in 2021.

In 2022, we ran the program in 5 African countries, transferring competencies to 100 cohorts of Students. This is a landmark achievement in iiP's scaling effort.    

Highlights of the program include the opportunity for qualified and industry-oriented AIMS graduating students and AIMS alumni to participate in a fully-funded 20-week residential Industry Immersion Program that offers the opportunity to contribute to the economic transformation of Africa through a practical, skills-based employability program.

Participants will gain necessary managerial and organizational skills and behavioral competencies suitable for employment. The program offers a mixture of academic and practical learning and skills development which will allow participants to transition from a scientific environment to an applied industry setting.

The backbone of the program is a 12-week internship module with participating industry partners, beginning five weeks after the program starts, during which participants will experience a business environment first hand and apply their academic learning. Companies will also undertake a team-based consulting project with a group of interns.


These courses will remain as we have had it in previous years. In terms of relevance, the team believes these courses adequately prepare the candidates for jobs in the industry. With the addition of Design thinking, the program has become more relevant each year. The executive team will revisit the current curriculum to see if there is a potential alteration to be made.

In the 2021 curriculum, this was really suppressed. We will discuss with AWB to suggest faculty volunteers that can teach soft skills in conjunction with African faculty. We will reconnect with our Stellenbosch University team to see if they are willing to assist this year.

This course remains important to the training. We are considering a longer form and will be discussed with the facilitator to see if we can start a live case to run over the entire duration of the program. 

The tutoring component of the program remains as relevant as the blended model itself. The team is considering pre-training for the tutors ahead of the start of the program. Furthermore, we will need to consider the possible training of in-house tutors for the Centers who could play the role of student development officers in the long run. This discussion must be finalized in May 2022.  


Industry Immersion Program (IIP)​

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