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The STEM Women in Business (SWIB) program seeks to complement the new Ghana1000 program, an initiative by iiAfrica, to train 1,000 young graduates in Ghana in 2023. Bringing together our renowned global academic and strategic partners, the Ghana1000 will provide training to bridge the skills for young STEM graduates transitioning into the industry, thereby enhancing the country’s adoption of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). In the proposed 4-year program, iiAfrica with its partners aims to train up to 10,000 STEM graduates across Ghana, with up to 70% of them being women. This means iiAfrica and its partners are training up to 700 young STEM women in Ghana. The SWIB program will in essence become a complementary program to the Ghana1000 that is structured to provide a soft landing for the female graduates from the program to remain in industry. In 4 years, the SWIB program will have created a community for up to 7000 young women in Africa with a focus for many of them to enter and remain in industry in Africa. The program will partner with companies and organisations that will foster the growth of the young women. This program is in line with SDG goals 5 and 10 which focus on gender equality and increasing significantly the number of Female STEM graduates entering into industry.

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In order to join the Sisterhood, one must be a member of the Ghana1000 program. Start straight away and join a global community of inspiring women. Click the button below for more enquiries.

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  • To enhance female graduate employability in Africa by granting them the necessary data-driven skills to be competitive in the job market.
  • To build the best crop of female data-driven managerial leaders in Africa.
  • To introduce STEM women graduates to a variety of female role models who are at various stages in their careers.
  • To introduce young STEM women graduates to the innovative potential in the fields of science, technology, and engineering.
  • To equip STEM women graduates with leadership, life and ethical skills.
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