A New Era for Sustainability: iiAfrica's reflections from International Day of Women and Girls In Science

The fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) have historically been dominated by men. However, there is a growing recognition of the importance of promoting equity and inclusion in these fields, particularly for women and girls. Encouraging women and girls to pursue careers in science is not only a matter of fairness but is also crucial for societal progress. By ensuring equal representation and opportunities, we can tap into the full potential of talented individuals who may otherwise be overlooked.

"Efforts to promote equity in science are multifaceted. They include initiatives such as mentorship programs, scholarships, and outreach activities that aim to inspire young girls to develop an interest in STEM subjects. Additionally, it is essential to challenge gender stereotypes and biases that may discourage women from pursuing scientific careers."

By fostering an inclusive environment where women feel supported and valued in their scientific pursuits, we can create a stronger foundation for innovation and discovery. It is important to celebrate the achievements of female scientists as this is crucial to providing role models for future generations.

Ultimately, achieving gender equity in science requires a collective effort from educational institutions, policymakers, industry leaders, and society as a whole. By working together to break down barriers and address systemic challenges faced by women and girls in STEM fields, we can create a more diverse and inclusive scientific community that benefits everyone.

Industry Immersion Africa (iiAfrica) believes that women and girls should have the same access to STEM opportunities as men. Our programmes have a special focus on women and girls, with almost 50% of our student participants being females. As we celebrate the 9th International Day of Women and Girls In Science (IDWGIS), we call on STEM industries to be more intentional about creating an inclusive environment for women and girls. Happy International Day of Women and Girls In Science!